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Safety & Industry Regulations.

Understanding The Regulations For The Attic.

LoftZone StoreFloor is the only raised attic decking product with international certifications for use in buildings.

Like any part of a building, attics can be dangerous places and there are therefore several regulations that architects, specifiers and builders need to meet.

The British Board of Agrément (BBA) is the UK’s leading Government certification body for building products. Their certification and inspection services are recognised by building control, local authorities, industry insurers and builders alike across the UK. After testing for the strength of the raised deck, ease of installation and other issues such as avoiding heat loss and condensation, they awarded a certificate for raised attic flooring to LoftZone. It is the only product on the market to have this, and you can view the certificate here.

Another thing to consider is the loading on the floor of the attic. Attics are designed primarily to support the roof. LoftZone strengthens an attic’s joists, by acting as a lattice beam, but nonetheless if the attic is to be used for storage or access, then clearly the joists on the floor of the attic need to be strong enough for this. LoftZone StoreFloor has been successfully installed in the attics of thousands of new homes. Older properties vary as would be expected, many are much stronger than this, whilst others are not. If you are in doubt, please seek advice from a structural engineer.

In the past, it was traditional to raise decks above the insulation by using extra timber battens to lift the deck up. However, because the timber acts as a cold bridge for heat to escape through the insulation, this causes a psi factor loss in heat. According to a report by the UK’s Buildings Research Establishment, StoreFloor does not suffer from this psi factor as the plastic supports do not act as a cold bridge. Of course, StoreFloor is also much lighter than timber, allowing more loading on the deck.

Finally, if items that require periodic maintenance (for example solar pumps and inverters, alarm systems, water tanks, mechanical ventilation systems or gas boilers) are installed in the attic, then many regulations require a safe access platform. LoftZone StoreFloor meets all the required British regulations across construction, MVHR and other guidelines for use with these items.

Efficient Homes.

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BBA Certified.

Fully certified and technically approved for domestic and commercial construction.

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