LoftZone StoreFloor is suitable for almost all attics, including cut, purlin and truss-roofed types, if you are looking to insulate the floor of the attic. It’s frequently fitted in both houses and commercial buildings. Your attic joists will be need to be timber and be at least 1.25″ (32mm) wide and 3″ (75mm) tall.

Most people would like to board their whole attic, but you don’t have to. StoreFloor is modular so you can start small and build more later when your storage requirements go up. Most people choose a square or rectangular deck, or an L or T shape near the hatch. Some people have more than one deck, on either side of the hatch. Don’t board right up to the eaves though, as you’ll want to keep a gap for ventilation.

StoreFloor is extremely strong and LoftZone is the only raised attic floor manufacturer to have put its products through robust accelerated lifetime tests in extremes of temperature. Even in these conditions, a StoreFloor deck survived loads of over 100 lbs. / sq. ft. (500kg/m2), without failure.

In addition to being strong itself, StoreFloor’s lattice-beam structure also strengthens the joists it is screwed into. Nonetheless, StoreFloor is only intended for storage and occasional access, and we recommend that you don’t overload your joists, as these will be weaker than the StoreFloor deck. If in doubt, consult a structural engineer.

The StoreFloor Cross-Beams are 1150mm (about 45″) long. They span over 3 or 4 joists (depending on your building’s joist separation) and have an easy sliding adjustment, in case your joists are not spaced regularly (most aren’t!). The Cross-Beams rest on top of the Tri-Supports, where they can meet up against each other, or be positioned a few inches apart.

The StoreFloor Tri-Supports and Uni-Supports are both 279mm (about 11″) tall, and fix to the top of the joists. They are sized to allow the full depth of modern insulation levels plus an air gap above the insulation and below the boards. This air gap is there to allow ventilation, to remove any possible moisture build-up on the underside of the boards. Beware any products which don’t provide this essential air-gap!


Most houses have joists that are spaced either 16″ or 24″ apart (measured center-to-center) and StoreFloor works perfectly with both sizes, and even has an allowance of 3″ on each Cross-Beam in case your property’s joists are irregularly-spaced.

If your joists are not either of these distances apart, then you may need to cut our Cross-Beams to size. They are strong from their design but thin enough to cut with a saw or tin snips.  

One of the advantages of the StoreFloor system is that each metal Cross-Beam spans over one or two joists in your loft. So if you have any joists that are uneven, then plan the position of your raised floor in advance so that, wherever possible, you can completely miss out though joists. Alternatively, you will need to raise up the supports on the uneven joist, with wood or plastic shims, or fix a small, even, section of timber alongside the uneven joist. 


Our online store uses PayPal as our payment system, similar to most other online stores. You don’t need a PayPal account to use this, you can just use your debit or credit card online by following the instructions that PayPal gives you.

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LoftZone does not offer credit, but you can apply for credit (sometimes at 0% interest for the first few months) if you pay via Paypal.

Strength & Safety

StoreFloor is extremely strong and LoftZone is the only raised loft floor manufacturer to have put its products through robust accelerated lifetime tests in extremes of temperature beyond those normally found in the UK. Even in these conditions, our StoreFloor deck survived loads of over 500kg per square metre, without failure.

In addition to being strong itself, StoreFloor’s lattice-beam structure also strengthens the joists it is screwed into. Nonetheless, StoreFloor is only intended for storage and occasional access, and we recommend that you don’t overload your joists. If in doubt, consult a structural engineer.

Order & Delivery

Orders will normally be delivered in 2-3 working days, and always within one week. If your order is urgent, let us know and we’ll do our best to speed things up. We use DSV/UPS, FedEx and Palletways as our main delivery partners. We ship worldwide; and if you are outside of Europe, you can buy on our international website, www.loftzone.com.

You can also collect from our warehouse in Leicestershire (postcode LE9). Please contact us to book in your collection.

If you would like to request a preferred delivery date, please do so in the comments section when you order online. We are not couriers, so we cannot guarantee this, especially when the courier companies are very busy in late November and throughout December, but we do our best, as follows:

– For parcel deliveries (usually LoftZone StoreFloor kits without boards apart from the XL and XXL kits), what we do in such cases is to delay dispatch of your order until the day before you want it to be delivered, and then we pay for next day delivery, as we find that this is the most reliable way to get the parcel there on the day you want it. Unfortunately, the IT systems of most couriers (especially DSV and UPS) can’t cope with this, and they may send you an email telling you that the parcel will arrive “tomorrow”, even if we’re holding it back for a later delivery. Please ignore any such email from DSV or UPS and instead click on the tracking number provided, where you will see a more accurate prediction.

– For pallet deliveries (usually LoftZone StoreFloor kits with boards, plus XL and XXL kits without boards), then we will dispatch the kit when you order, but ask the courier to hold the item back until your preferred date, which they mostly do. We will send you the tracking number once the pallet company generates it (usually the day after it leaves our warehouse).  

If you’re not sure about your delivery date, give us a call or email and we’ll happily check it out for you.

Finally, please note that our warehouse is closed between Christmas and New Year every year, so any orders received in that period will be dispatched in early January. 

All StoreFloor kits (without boards) and loft ladders are shipped at a flat rate within the UK of £12 (Monday-Friday) or £25 (for The Republic of Ireland), regardless of how many items you buy. Kits with boards can only be sent to mainland England, Wales and southern Scotland, owing to their weight. You can however buy boards from any local DIY store.

If you are collecting your order from our warehouse in Leicestershire, then there is no delivery cost. Please contact us to book your visit

Refund Policy

We offer all our customers a full, no-quibble, refund for the value of any unused parts, so long as they are returned within 3 months of receipt. 

If you would like to return anything, then please contact us on 01483 600304 or [email protected] and we will provide you with a return form to be completed and sent back with your items.  

You will need to send items back to our UK warehouse in Leicestershire (postcode LE9), details of which are provided with the goods when delivered. All refunds will be credited to your original form of payment. Please note that the outbound £12 delivery charge is not refundable, except in the unlikely case that there was a fault with the product. 

Please also be aware that customers need to pay the return delivery charge for any items sent back, unless there is a fault with the product. Although we charge a flat £12 outbound delivery fee, the actual cost can be much higher, often as much as £50, especially if you order a kit with boards, which will need to go on to a pallet. If however you order items without boards, then these are mostly sent as parcels and are much cheaper to return, typically half the cost of a pallet, or less. Once the items leave our warehouse, the couriers will alas charge for both delivery and return, even if you cancel before the items arrive at your address. If you’re not sure whether LoftZone is right for you, why not buy a small kit without boards to try out, as the return postage charge for this is typically only £12. 

All prices include VAT

All the prices shown on this website include Value Added Tax, at 20%.

If you need a VAT receipt, please let us know in the comments box when you order.

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