LoftZone Installers

International Installation Network.

LoftZone has the premier raised attic boarding product on the market, and we want to ensure that you get the best out of it.

We have recently announced our first installer in the USA – Attic Flooring Texas.


Become one of our authorised installers from across our LoftZone network.

Certified &
Fully Trained

Each installer undergoes full training and certification before being authorised to install LoftZone StoreFloor.


Every one of our installers are fully insured to give our customers peace of mind when having their attic boarded.

Certified & Fully Trained

LoftZone has the premier raised attic boarding product on the market, and we are building up an installer network that matches the quality we expect. 

All our authorised third-party installers have all passed our LoftZone training course, fitted decks which we have inspected and obtained the necessary insurances. The installer will provide you with a written no-obligation quote, and most can also offer other services, such as installing attic ladders, hatches, insulation and lighting.

Do You Want To Fit LoftZone Professionally?

If you would like to install LoftZone in your existing business, or to start a new business doing that, then please email us or call us for our trade prices. 

If you would additionally like to become one of our LoftZone Authorised Installers, then contact us and we will discuss what that involves, too! As a first step, you should successfully complete our professional installer online training course at: 

Please note that we are currently offering LoftZone Authorised Installer status to suitable new companies within USA, Canada, Ireland and France.