Why is Your Insulation Failing?

Insulating your attic is an effective way to reduce your energy bills and the heat escaping from your roof. When installed correctly, the insulation should be able to pay for itself over and over again within its 40+ year lifespan. Aside from reducing any heating costs, insulation makes your property feel more comfortable. Homes that […]

Attic Boarding Mistakes: What To Be Aware Of

Boarding Out Attic Space

Boarding out attic space is a fun and exciting project; but there are many things to be aware of before going ahead with the process. It’s easy to make common attic boarding mistakes, so it’s essential that you follow proper guidelines and do your research.  Failing to read up on boarding out your attic can […]

What To Do With Attic Space Storage

Boarding Out Attic Space

Even if you have large attic space storage, it becomes useless if you can’t navigate around it and know where everything is.  There are various ways that you can increase the usefulness of your attic without moving to a bigger home or investing in a huge project. As the experts, we’ve put together 5 suggestions […]

How LoftZone StoreFloor Helps You to Weatherize Your Home

weatherize your home

To weatherize your home is the practice of protecting a building or property and its interior from things like sunlight, precipitation, and wind. This helps to reduce your energy consumption, improve the comfort of your home, and optimize your energy efficiency. So, how can LoftZone help you to weatherize your home? Attic Insulation & Why […]

5 Ideas For An Attic Storage Solution

Attic Storage Solution

It can be difficult to know what to do with an empty space, most people think attics are just for storing your suitcases and Christmas decorations – but with the right ideas, you can convert it into attic storage solution. Maintaining an organised attic can make your life so much easier and will save you […]

What To Do If You’re Not Eligible Or Able To Convert Your Attic?

Converting Your Attic

Converting your attic can be a fun, exciting (and much needed) project. They are extremely popular for good reason, but the truth is, not all homes are eligible for attic conversions. Your property may not be right for an attic conversion, because of building regulations, preservation restrictions and so many other factors.  Although it’s disappointing, […]

Why Is My Attic Damp?

damp attic: fix with loftzone storefloor

Do you have a damp attic? How do you find out if you do? Condensation and excess moisture can build up quickly at any time of the year. If the right actions are taken, then it can be reversed, and the issues can be prevented from happening again. Damp and mould can bring significant risks […]

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Attic Space

attic insulation

If you are looking for a way to make the most out of your attic space, then this blog is for you. It’s easy to turn an unused, dusty, and boring floor into a fresh, new storage space. The best part about making the most out of your attic space is that it doesn’t require […]

How to Work Safely In Your Attic

working safely in the attic

Work safely in your attic. Injuries can occur from either falling from a height or tripping over a safety hazard. There is a need for extra precautions to ensure extra protection. If you are thinking about taking on an attic project, you need to have a set plan ready for when you decide to set […]

How Much Weight Can Attic Boards Hold?

weatherize your home

Attic boards enable you to declutter your home whilst keeping it organised and structured. Although, there is a reoccurring question of how much weight they can hold. As the attic is one of the most useful places to hold (and hide) all your belongings, you should be aware of what to store in the attic […]